About Us

CodeBran.com is all about using the power of software to fix challenging business issues. OK we don’t mind doing the occasional small website but where we shine is helping your business solve more difficult things and rise above the competition.

If you are an established business, stuck on an old legacy system that is starting to creak but feels too difficult to leave behind, then we can help.

If you have different systems that can’t communicate with each other and leaving money on the table, we can help.

If you have a specific business model that is proving tricky to put online, e.g. registering special customers and providing them with secure access to hidden product catalogs, special pricing and ordering facilities, we can help.

If you have fresh new ideas that the average “website guy” can’t honestly handle, then you need our software engineering expertise. Based in Shrewsbury in the UK, we provide bespoke development and online hosting services at affordable prices.

For online e-commerce our solution of choice is Magento. For enterprise level systems we specialise in Java Enterprise Edition (JEE7). For an informal chat about what is nagging you about moving your business forward, speak to Shaun on 01743 353585 or connect with us on social media.

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