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e-commerce platforms, enterprise systems, Java, PHP, Magento, JEE7

e-commerce Solutions

Selling products and services online requires carefull selection of technology and procedures.

Using the Magento platform as the basis, one can build reliable and secure online e-commerce systems that increase your profits but keep your customer's information safe.

Bespoke Development

Not all business requirements can be solved by an out of the box website or software package. Also to really put your business to the fore you might need to look at a bespoke solution. We are experienced software engineers with many years corporate software development experience. Talk to us about our Java and JEE services.

Our Hosting

We provide high quality hosting suitable for the demands of Magento and other enterprise level solutions. Various packages are available depending on your needs. Remember real businesses that require quality e-commerce or other enterprise level solutions do not run their systems on cheap servers you see advertised on T.V.

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